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    Look I’m looking for my other half because to have to make a whole I’m adventurous I love to travel explore mountain bike photography I was a commercial diver get my own metal fabrication shop my early days I was an over the road truck driver because I wanted to travel and that was the best way to travel and make money and see the whole United States virtually for free I’m looking for a girl to complement me I’m easy-going I’m financially secure I can do whatever I want wherever I want whenever I want Life is so much better if you have someone to share it with that’s for sure thanks can be enjoyed much more if you wanna contact me by phone that would be fine 561-308-8585 I’m in Sunny South Florida and I welcome visitors we are a rare breed to have come through the other side unscathed so I figure that this is probably the best place to find somebody like minded I believe nothing ventured nothing gained the most important thing in my life is integrity and the nice thing about integrity is it’s free doesn’t cost a dime if you don’t have any integrity don’t waste my time or yours I believe honesty is the best policy so let’s try and enjoy life to its fullest while we’re still here excited about the new chapter in my life I thought I found somebody that was unbelievable but her time was relatively short as she passed away it’s a shame because she was a real sweetheart and she loved me more than anything always wanted to be with me always asking me if she could go with me and I told her there’s no place I can go in that you can’t go you are my woman so you are number one I could go on but that’s enough on there till we meet up then we can talk about anything I like I’m an open book to the one I love,Rory

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