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36 / Pureblood Woman

Hello fellow Pure Blood Brothers and Sisters and Friends.   My name is Soumaya. I dream of one day building our own little community, maybe in Texas or Tennessee because we both know this is not the end of this scamdemic. There will be many more. This is not the end of them trying to...


57 / Pureblood Man / Divorced / Jackson, Mich.

Carolyn s

36 / Pureblood Woman / Texas

Hi! My name is Carolina and I live in Dallas. I am  a persevering,  sincere and hard-working woman. I am also, polite, humble, fair and understanding, I have a great sense of humor and I am even able to laugh at myself. I am against abortion, Critical...


30 / Pureblood Man / Single / Burkeville

Hi, I'm Nathan. I'm 29 and I just recently moved to Texas from Florida. I'm a captain for a national cargo airline as all the passenger airlines require the mRNA shot to work for them. I'm a conservative, truther, real man who knows what's going on in the world. I'm a...


66 / Pureblood Woman / Divorced / Placerville

Hello! So glad to have found this. I have not been “vaccinated” since the 6th grade. Didn’t even wear a mask during the entire Covidiot scam. Known about these thugs most of my adult life. Anyway, I digress. I’m in the Sierra Nevada’s, in a fairly conservative town. I’m am outdoors...


57 / Pureblood Woman / Divorced / Columbia, IL

I’m a nurse with 20+ years experience who, like many, was forced into early retirement for reasons we are all aware of (and why we are here). I have four beautiful children and one grandson. I’m praying God shows me where my medical skills can be used since our current...


58 / Pureblood Woman / Divorced / Dripping Springs

MS in Clinical Genetics--Sapiophile seeking same.  Vivacious, outgoing, smart and jus plain fun. regardless of all the craziness in the world.  An important part of life is enjoying to the fullest!   Joie de vivre in spite of all that is going on in the world.


42 / Pureblood Woman / Single / Orlando

I am a 41 single female. My job keeps me busy but in my spare time I work out, play soccer(on an adult co-ed league), spend time with my dogs and love to get out on the weekends with my friends. I actually like most anything. I do not have...


29 / Pureblood Woman / Divorced / Bellevue

I am an Entrepreneur at heart. I Love to market and network. I model and promote clubs. In the past I have worked in retail and have been Miss. Budweiser.  I have: brown hair with blonde highlights and hazel eyes. I am a young lady of 5'8 who knows exactly...


30 / Pureblood Woman / Separated / Melbourne

A little bit about me: I'm qualified in Property Development... it is my profession and passion! I love creating beautiful positive spaces! I contract as an Event Stylist with a fashion focus. I dedicate my time to fashion events and enjoy philanthropic activities   I was born and raised in Melbourne...

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