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41 / Pureblood Woman / Single / Orlando

I am a 41 single female. My job keeps me busy but in my spare time I work out, play soccer(on an adult co-ed league), spend time with my dogs and love to get out on the weekends with my friends. I actually like most anything. I do not have...


28 / Pureblood Woman / Single / Freehold

I'm 22 year old French-American princess from the Jersey Shore. I enjoy doing just about anything. I love traveling (when I can find someone to travel with) wine, cooking, horseback riding, art. I have a degree in photography so I love going toe exhibits.


25 / Pureblood Woman / Single / Marshall

I was born and raised in a small town. I find I can be at home anywhere.  I'm about to start my first teaching job and couldn't be more thrilled.  I have a small theatre production company started with some friends in Austin Texas that I plan to keep...


36 / Pureblood Woman / Divorced / Atlanta

I love to laugh, laid back, very open-minded, spontaneous, optimistic, respectful of others. I'm very adventurous; try anything at least once. I'm sarcastic, witty, fun to be around but also can be serious. I always enjoy good company.!


32 / Pureblood Woman / Single / Newport Beach

Friendly,  sweet, bright, trustworthy, petite, funny, witty and attractive. I love random adventures, love trying new things, spontaneous. Huge animal activist. Former boutique owner. I dont drink or do drugs or smoke cigs.


26 / Pureblood Woman / Single / Los Angeles

I'm a very fun loving person. I love to have a good time and I'm always finding new stuff for my friends and I to do. I love my family and friends more than anything. I love animals especially dogs and if I wasn't going to be a teacher, I...


31 / Pureblood Woman / Divorced / Arcadia

I am an extremely happy person who always smiling; with lots of positive energy; open to try new things; always seeking for adventures; never a dull moment! I try to view everything with a positive perspective because life is too short to complain about it and I'm appreciative of...


21 / Pureblood Woman / Single / San Diego

Retired party girl who likes to spend nights in.  I want to find someone I can spend time with alone, rather than going out all the time.  I like dinners and events and going out sometimes but for the most part I just want one-on-one time.  I want to vacation...


28 / Pureblood Woman / Single / Salt Lake City

'I can definitely be a nerd. I tend to snort when I laugh at times, and I really don't care too much about what others think.


51 / Pureblood Man / Nelson

Engineer, extensively traveled, functional medicine oriented. Independent and inquiring.


50 / Pureblood Woman / Single / Calgary

Hi! My name is Sherry! I am still single passionate young lady never married before and have no kids. The fun side of my loves is to dance cooking studying reading of magazine swimming and I love to spend my time with family and friends. I like to share knowledge...


57 / Pureblood Woman / Single / Calgary

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